The Marty Ford Experience

The Marty Ford Experience

Marty Ford Experience

Like most people, when Marty Ford purchased his first guitar, his goals were small. However, his new hobby quickly caught on and the former ‘not musically gifted’ Marty Ford suddenly found himself challenged by God to do more than just strum along to songs on the radio; God began calling Marty to go out and proclaim Godʼs Redeeming Love by leading others in worship, which meant Marty had a new obstacle to overcome, his fear of singing.

Six years and two CDs later, God has overcome Marty’s fear of singing and continues to move in his life in radical ways while affirming his calling to live out Matthew 28 by telling of the Good News of Jesus through song. With his band, the Marty Ford Experience, Marty, along with Luke Francis, Trent Pekkala, and Carter Good, the Marty Ford Experience is on a mission to sing about their experiences and encounters with God in hopes of helping others encounter God and express their worship to Him.

“As a band, we seek to use music as a way to share the contagious Love of God with those around us, regardless of the setting,” says Marty Ford.

And in the little more than two years that the Marty Ford Experience has been together, that is precisely what they are doing. Whether it be leading worship for a youth group or church, singing about Christ overseas through the assistance of translation, or sharing the stage with national acts like Sanctus Real, Audio Adrenaline, or Big Daddy Weave, night after night the Marty Ford Experience offers its audiences a time of worship that is genuine and full of energy, but that most importantly succeeds in bringing the Body of Christ together in one song to the Lord.

Based out of Chillicothe, Ohio, the five piece rock-worship group, will release its next project on October 18th, titled ‘Show Me the Way’, a follow up to their 2010 ‘No Great Things’ EP, which reached #3 on NoiseTrade.comʼs Top Downloads. Produced by Rick May, (DC Talk, Toby Mac, John Reuben), ‘Show Me the Way’ is a collection of songs that draws from the bandʼs challenges faced and lessons learned while striving to carry out God’s calling and uses them as vehicles to draw listeners in to hear about the hope, redemption, and saving grace of Jesus. From the CD’s first note to the end, ʻShow Me the Wayʼ captures the Marty Ford Experience’s musical ability and live energy in a set of songs rooted in truth that provide a relevant, yet challenging voice for today’s church. Further, ‘Show Me the Way’ firmly makes the case that the best parts to the story of the Marty Ford Experience are still unwritten.

When asked what the next chapter of the Marty Ford Experience looks like, band leader Marty Ford humbly responds: “We’re not willing to sit back idly and watch the world go by; We really want this band to be a platform to help people. As we continue following where God leads us, our prayer remains that we daily remember through Christ, not us, can lives and the world around us be made new again. From there, the rest is in God’s hands.