WellWorks Risk Reduction Program

RFAR Feature – Cathy Waller – Reason: WellWorks Risk Reduction Program

Cathy Waller and her Reason were brought together by her need to make a change. After her mother passed away from chronic health problems in 2013, Cathy made a commitment. That commitment was to work towards a happier and healthier life.

That decision eventually led to the WellWorks Risk Reduction Program. One year after Risk Reduction helped Cathy transform her life and achieve her goal of completing the OU HCOM Medicine Run 5k, Cathy is utilizing Race for a Reason to give back to the program.

WellWorks Risk Reduction program is a comprehensive approach to wellness, focused primarily on the prevention and rehabilitation of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The program focuses on healthy living habits that reduce the risk factors that can contribute to those diseases. WellWorks Risk Reduction empowers amazing people like Cathy to take ownership of their wellness by getting active, eating healthier and managing stress so that they may enjoy a higher quality of life.


Cathy Waller celebrates success with teammates!


We asked Cathy to share her story in her own words, and why Race for a Reason is a special event for her:

What impact did the Well Works Risk Reduction program have on your life?

How about – it gave me a life?? My life is so much bigger and brighter… (and dangerous) since I became part of the Risk Reduction family. Instead of thinking of all the reasons I can’t do something – I think, why not? Which has resulted in zip-lining, white water rafting, a trophy winning kickball team and coming up this summer…..skydiving!!

“Dreams don’t happen because we dream them… they happen because we do something about them.”

The odd thing was that I did not even know what my dream was until I was living it. Due to the extremely poor health and resulting poor quality of life in the months before she passed away, it became my goal to NOT have my sons have to experience that with me.

I was on seven medications for diabetes, and high blood pressure . I now am only on very small dosages of two!

What most people see is the physical change – I have lost 120 lbs- I often to speak to people who have known me for years and they don’t recognize me. But it is not the weight loss that is the most important to me. It is what happened in my head and in my heart.

In my head- I have learned that just breaking things down to the NOW – makes it possible to do what was once the impossible. I work out every day and I love it! I set small goals like – “Hmmm, I would like to be able to do one real push up” and now with the encouragement of my trainer, the marvelous Morgan Mitchell, I can do at least 10 in a row!

In my heart – I know that if you have the hope or dream of a better life, and take one small step forward there are all these people at WellWorks Risk Reduction, who have their hands out, just waiting to help you find that better life.

I have made so many new friends, who all shared in the celebration of my journey – the individuals who were in my cohort – we call ourselves the Super 7 – because there were 7 in our group – have become my very dearest friends. We are almost 2 years out from completion and we still do things together and provide support to each other in many ways.

Can you share a Race For A Reason story that highlights why you enjoy participating?

Race For A Reason in 2014 came near the end of my year in the Risk Reduction program. In my head, I thought “If I can actually walk a 5k that means I have really truly changed my life. I asked family and friends to walk with me – many of them were new friends who had known me less than a year – they ALL said YES!! And we ALL finished!

In my old life, I don’t think I could have walked 3 blocks without needing to stop and rest – this was proof positive that I was not that person any more. Everyone can walk, run, or as my friend & mentor Josh Christen says, “wog” (which is walking and jogging) at their own pace – it is not about beating others, it is about being your best for you

For inquiries into how your organization can participate in this year’s event please contact Brent Culver at ohioraceforareason@gmail.com or visit http://www.ohioraceforareason.com to register and get set up with a fundraising page.